Galt Adventist School

Testimonies and Endorsements
          I came to Galt Adventist Christian School in first grade.  I was timid, insecure, un-churched and from a different culture.  I found the teachers and students to be accepting.  As I grew physically, I grew mentally, emotionally and spiritually and gained confidence.  I, also, gained a knowledge and love for God.  I received the tools that took me through a private high school and on to Pacific Union College.  I graduated in 2014 and am finishing qualifications to become a certified teacher.
David Ly, Former Student
          My children had the pleasure of attending the Galt Adventist Christian School for just one year.  My daughter was in the 5th grade and my son was in 6th.  Since we lived an hour from the school, I would spend time on the school campus during the school hours.  I taught art and volunteered in the classrooms.  I also served on the Parent/Teacher Organization.   Students seem to thrive in a small school setting and I enjoyed watching as they interacted with all the age levels in a positive way.  The school offered many opportunities for learning outside the classroom setting such as field trips and a week of Science Camp.  I found the teachers very interactive and supportive of the students no matter what grade, age, learning ability or individual situation.  There was modern technology and many hands on learning techniques.   Overall, the education my children received at GACS was a great experience and played an important part in the stepping-stones of their education.
Elizabeth Daniell, Parent

          Galt Adventist Christian School was a great place for my 2 sons to receive their elementary education.  From my first contact of inquiry about the school, all the way to 8th grade graduation night, I received renewed assurance that my child and his education was most important.
          Having multiply grades in one classroom taught both of my son’s valuable lessons that they may have missed in a traditional setting.  Students learn to study independently at an early age. As the teacher instructs separate lessons for each grade, the students work on their assignments.  During Kindergarten and 1st grade, students learn to follow the lead of the 2nd and 3rd graders.  In 2nd and 3rd grade, they learn to be young leaders.  The same pattern is repeated in the upper grades.
          Students were challenged while receiving a solid foundation.  Both my boys have always scored high on standardized tests and this continued in high school.  I feel it is a direct result of their early training.
GACS was a good choice and would recommend the school to anyone seeking a great education in a safe and caring environment.
Angie Ricker Martin, Parent

          There are a lot of things about life that aren’t learned in the classroom, but as a former student of the Galt Adventist Christian School, I feel that my readiness to enter the world and to comprehensively interact exceeds that of the common high school graduate.  My elementary education at the GACS set the foundation for my life not only academically, but also mentally, socially, and most importantly, spiritually.
Jesse Payton, Former Student

          As the parent of two successful daughters, one a dentist and one with a law degree, I feel Galt Adventist Christian School contributed to their success in higher education and in life in general.  Small schools are able to give the student more individualized attention and a better school environment.
Karen Trout, Parent

          I attended Galt Adventist Christian School from Kindergarten through the 8th grade.  I was very blest by my family to attend a school like this one.  It was very small so you always got one-on-one help from the teachers.  Teachers made sure you understood everything being taught.  It also built the foundation of my faith.  I hadn’t realized it at the time, but looking back I see how beneficial it was for my faith and beliefs.  I am very grateful that I was fortunate enough to go to this small, private school.
Samantha Schulz, Former Student

I have been a full-time teacher in church school for 13 years and a substitute teacher in the public schools for about 15 years.  I have substituted at Galt Adventist Christian School (GACS) many times.  I found the students to be noticeably more competent than what I generally experienced in the public school.  The students have learned to work independently, usually starting work immediately, using peer tutoring in an appropriate manner.  I did not have to focus on discipline.  There are many bright, high functioning students in public school but rarely did I see a classroom functioning as competently as a whole in my public school experience.  Even the less motivated students at GACS function at a higher level than I have seen their counterparts in public school.  I have also seen the huge improvement in students who come in from the public school as they learn to be responsible students in a multi-grade classroom.  Teachers work very hard to meet the varied needs of all students.  Classrooms are happy.  GACS keeps an ongoing high standard.  Expectations are high but they are made fun.
Jean Smith, Teacher