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Dear Friend,

Picture with me now...

“Mom, Mom!  You’ll never guess what I did in school today!” First grader, Joshua, exclaimed as he tossed his backpack into the car and hopped into the back seat.

“Oh. What did you do?” Mom paused to turn around as she met his beaming face.

“I was listening as my teacher was giving the spelling words to the third graders and I knew how to spell all of them!”

“Wow!  That is impressive!” Mom swelled with pride in her son.

Where, you ask, is Joshua now?  He is a student at Walla Walla University.  Like 95% of our alumni he has gone on to college.  And his is not the only success story.  Many others have gone on to become medical professionals, lawyers, teachers and missionaries, to name a few.  Our alumni provide vital services in our local communities, as well as, various parts of the world.

Or... What about this testimony from a parent who attended our science camp?

“I am so amazed.  Most older kids could care less about younger students and feel like they just get in the way.  But this school is different.  I watched how the eighth graders interacted with the younger students.  They included them in activities, played with them and helped them stay on task.  I have not seen that in any other school.  It feels more like a close knit family.”

These are only two of many stories and testimonies coming out of this little multi-grade school.

Galt Adventist School was built in 1976 and has taught many students from kindergarten through eighth grade in its two to three classrooms.  As with all structures, time equals changes in use and needed updates.  What worked in 1976 is no longer functional in 2017.

One of our biggest challenges is with the school’s front entrance. The previous entrance, a walkway leading to the classrooms, is now closed off by a gate during the school day to keep our students safe. This leaves no obvious entrance for visitors. And even parents coming during the day to drop off a forgotten lunch or volunteer in a classroom have no way to enter unless a teacher leaves class to open the gate. It is our desire to continue educating our students in a top notch facility that is visible and attractive to our community and, more importantly, is functional and safe.
                   Current School Front                                     Proposed School Front
We have plans for updating the front of the school by adding a central door into an office area, where a staff member can greet visitors and control access to the rest of the school.  As a bonus, this change will also make it clearer that this is a school.

And now for the exciting news and a way that you can help…

Galt Adventist School has been awarded $55,000 from the Archie Tonge Education Fund to help with these needed changes!  This is where you come in.  As you reflect on how the Lord has blessed you this past year you have the opportunity, in turn, to bless many current and future students by giving to this project.  Because this is a matching fund, every dollar you donate will count double!   Our goal is to reach the full $55,000 by December 31st creating $110,000 to complete this project. And you can be part of that.
Donating is simple.  Just fill out the enclosed donor form, add a check to Galt Adventist School, and drop it in the mailbox! Or, if you prefer, you can use our PayPal account by visiting our website at  As always, all donations are tax deductible.  Thank you for your generous help in adding to the safety of our students!

Yours in Christ,
Cynthia Ackerman, Principal
Galt Adventist School

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